Kidney Shaped Pool

Kidney Shaped Pool

60 spectacular kidney shaped swimming pool designs for your patio

From Minimalisti

According to this post from Minimalisti, the first kidney-shaped pool was designed by Landscape Architect Thomas Church in 1948.  It only stands to reason that creative types became weary of looking at traditional rectilinear swimming pool shapes.  The kidney, or freeform swimming pool broke that tradition and opened up creative avenues for the swimming pool artist that are still being explored today.  One could argue that this breakthrough was the forerunner of the complicated edge treatments that are at the cutting edge of the artform today.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Once you have decided to build an outdoor swimming pool you will be faced with some important decisions – above ground pool, inground, pool, shape, construction cost, maintenance cost, etc.
Modern pool design has changed during the last years and now you may choose from many shapes which replaced the traditional rectangular pool that was standard until not long ago. One of the most popular and attractive designs feature kidney shaped swimming pools and we have collected 60 spectacular images to inspire you.
Kidney shaped swimming pools – curious facts
Perhaps you did not know that the first kidney shaped swimming pool is designed by landscape architect Thomas Church in 1948 for the Donnell family’s modern home in Sonoma, California. Until that time, most swimming pools were rectangular in shape, for a purely lap-swimming experience. The unusual swimming pool design of Thomas Church was photographed for many magazines and the kidney shaped swimming pools became a very popular choice for homeowners. The great popularity of this design is due to the fact that kidney shaped swimming pools fit perfectly in any kind of yard and in any environment. A Mediterranean patio design, an exotic garden, or surrounded by lush vegetation, the kidney shaped pool is an attractive focal point.

Kidney shaped swimming pools design

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