Inground Pool Ideas

Inground Pool Ideas

15 Modern Inground Pools to Love

From Home Design Lover

Modern Architecture is a unique aesthetic, utilizing clean rectilinear lines, and modern materials.  Modern swimming pool designs utilize this aesthetic brilliantly, as the canvas of the outdoor living space provides the perfect medium to express this art.  This post from Home Design Lover illustrates some brilliant examples of the modern swimming pool from around the world.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Inground pools are common. These are pools that are fully or partially in the ground. These are made either from concrete, fiber glass and other materials. Today, we will be showing you different designs of modern inground pools. You can notice how these inground pools were designed to fit the home’s exterior design.

Most modern pools are sleek and seamless. These looked perfect with the sleek lines of modern homes. But even if most of them used straight lines, they never looked boring! You can understand what we are talking about once you see the collection below:

Caulfield Courtyard Pool

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