Cost of Inground Swimming Pool

Cost of Inground Swimming Pool


from Improvenet

Swimming pools are one of America’s great luxury items.  There are a range of costs, depending on the type of construction.  Features and materials can also drive the cost of the project, as well as amenities like finished landscaping.  This post from Improvenet gives you a guide to the average costs for all of the different types of swimming pools, and explains the process and hidden costs as well.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

How Much Does A Pool Cost?
Installing a pool is no small project. As you might expect, pools take a lot of planning, effort, water and digging if you’re thinking about an inground pool. While the average pool installation price is roughly $8,000, the type of pool you choose will greatly affect the final cost.

As you can see above, some pool installations run as high as $25,000, if not higher. These pools were most likely inground. We will discuss further below, but inground pools will always be more expensive. Bear in mind, they also add more value to your home.

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