Swimming Pool Service

Swimming Pool Service

5 Secrets Most Pool Service Companies Won’t Tell You

From Angies List

Finding a swimming pool service company can be a nightmare, as there are no shortage of people willing to take your money and supposedly take care of your swimming pool.  Getting a low price and a nice salesperson doesn’t necessarily mean that you are receiving the most professional and thorough pool service available.  This post from Angie’s list presents a very informative post about choosing a swimming pool service company that won’t leave swimming pool owners holding the bag on hot summer days.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

If you need pool service, check out these secrets some companies don’t want you to know.
There are many different types of swimming pool companies. From the mom and pop provider to the multimillion dollar pinch-a-penny, it can be hard to determine which is best for you.

Just make sure you know the five secrets most pool service companies won’t tell you.

1. Skipped pool cleaning
The more pools your technician has on his service schedule, the more likely they are to skip your pool. Yes, pool technicians (not the good ones) will skip an account here and there to make up for lost time. When swimming pool companies are in the growing stage of their business, they often have too many pools and not enough employees to accommodate them.

Don’t just assume a technician skipped your pool; always give the service company the benefit of the doubt. However, if you think your weekly pool-cleaning service may have been overlooked, ask the service technician for a drop ticket. Any reputable company should have tickets they can leave on your door that detail the time they were there, chemicals used, condition of pool and services rendered.

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