Indoor Swimming Pools

Indoor Swimming Pools

50 Amazing Indoor Swimming Pool Ideas For A Delightful Dip!

From decoist

You can feel the winter chill in the air, and it is a harbinger of snow drifts, bitter temperatures, and below zero wind chills.  Wouldn’t it be spectacular if you could be swimming in an inground pool during these chilly winter months?  This post from Decoist presents 50 design ideas for the perfect indoor swimming pool design.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

We often tend to talk about bracing for the winter chill and how we need to revamp our wardrobe and prepare our home for the cold and unforgiving months ahead. While insulating your home and switching over to snug, cozy textiles can solve most of these issues, it does little good for the swimming fanatic in you! Taking a dip outside in the winter months can be quite a daunting experience, and the best way to tackle the problem is by bringing the pool indoors. Indoor swimming pools are quickly becoming incredibly popular, thanks to the many advantages and year-round benefits they offer.

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