Choosing A Pool Builder

Choosing A Pool Builder

The One Key To Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off

From River Pools

If you Google “Pool Builder”, you will be inundated with names and company profiles.  While it would seem that there is a glut of professional looking websites and shimmering reputations online, looks tend to be deceiving.  Stories are constantly popping up around the U.S. about a pool builder/client relationship gone awry.  In some cases, the pool builder takes money from an unsuspecting client and disappears.  How is a prospective pool owner to evaluate and properly vet a quality pool builder?  This post from River Pools helps the novice pool owner navigate these treacherous, shark infested waters.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

With the readership of this blog consisting of folks all over North America, Australia, and other parts of the world, each and every year we get emails from folks from what seems like every corner of the globe expressing dissatisfaction with their pool installation and contractor.

Whether it’s a concrete pool, a fiberglas pool, or even an above ground pool– homeowners only have once chance to pick the right pool contractor to entrust their backyard.

But sadly, we often times still choose poorly.

Although we’ve written many articles in the past about how to properly choose your swimming pool contractor, I wanted to give everyone today one simple technique/piece of advice that will surely make a huge difference if followed by pool shoppers.

And what is this piece of advice?

Well, to make a long story short, it all comes down to references.

Now before you say, “Yes Marcus, I already knew to ask for references from our contractor” understand that there is more to it than just asking for references. In fact, here is the proper approach:

How to Properly Ask Your Pool Contractor for References of Previous Work

Let’s assume you have a pool contractor in your home who is giving you a quote on your pool project. Instead of asking him for his reference list, ask this simple question first:

How many pools did you install last year?

Simple question, right? But here is the thing– Every pool guy will quickly tell you the answer to this question. Heck, many will even round up in an effort to be perceived as larger.

Now, once the contractor has told you how many pools they did last year, your next question will be the tell-tale:

May I see you reference list from last year then?

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