The Truth About Natural Swimming Pools

The Truth About Natural Swimming Pools

Natural Swimming Pools: 9 Myths Busted

From Houselogic

Natural swimming pools, a body of water that is filtered using natural plants and bacteria, have become very popular over the last decade.  While there are many pros and cons, (and no shortage of opinions about them on both sides of the professional fence), all can agree that swimming in a natural or organic swimming pool is a vastly different experience than swimming in a traditional inground swimming pool.  This post from Houselogic presents some myths and notions about these entities, and attempts to clear the water as well as the air on this subject.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Do you like the idea of a natural swimming pool but get squeamish thinking about mud between your toes and tadpoles clinging to your hair? Environmentally friendly, chemical-free natural swimming pools have low ongoing maintenance costs and are healthy alternatives to conventional pools. They’re fairly common in Europe but less so here in the U.S., largely because of misconceptions. Follow along as we bust some common myths about these beautiful outdoor features.

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