How To Get Rid Of Waterbugs In Your Swimming Pool

How To Get Rid Of Waterbugs In Your Swimming Pool

How To Get Rid Of Water Bugs In Your Swimming Pool

From Swim University

Our favorite swimming pool industry blogger, Matt Giovanisci, brings us this obscure but no less interesting topic:  How To Remove Water Bugs from one’s swimming pool.  We’ve all seen them, and we’ve all wondered, “Is this thing going to bite me?”.  In this post, Matt explains what this species is, and what the swimming pool owner needs to do to get rid of them.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

These are oval looking bugs. They eat algae, other water micro organisms and mosquito larvae. They are gross, but they do not bite. They breath air, so they can be drowned. They can also fly and tend to lay eggs in pool algae. These are a little more common in my experience. They are thin and they breath air, so they surface at lot and skim across the water. They eat other bugs like water boatmen and beetles.

These bugs BITE, so be careful. They also fly and lay eggs in pool algae just like water boatmen.

(When I was a kid we use to call one of these bugs: skimmer bugs)

How Do You Get Rid Of These Water Bugs?

In order to kill these aquatic pests, you must take away their food supply. We know that water boatmen eat algae and backswimmers eat water boatmen. So, we need to start by getting rid of the pool algae, and in order to do that, we must shock!

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