Tips To Extend Your Swimming Pool Season

Tips To Extend Your Swimming Pool Season

Extend Your Pool Season

From Swim University

Even though the leaves are falling and there is an evening chill, swimming pool owners are sometimes reluctant to let go of the swimming season. Perhaps the kids monopolized the pool during the Summer, and now with them back in school the parents are enjoying the silence and lack of splashing the swimming pool now affords them.  Perhaps they just want to spend the fall evenings soaking in the hot tub.  Either way, this post from Matt Giovanisci from Swim University presents some great tips for extending the swimming season well into the Fall.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Here are 3 tips and benefits to extending your pool season:
TIP: Use a solar cover or liquid solar blanket to keep your pool warmer longer. If you have a heater, save on energy by using a cover to keep the heat in the pool. Most heat escapes at night, so try to keep your cover on at night. If you’re using a liquid solar blanket, shut your filter off overnight for best results.
BENEFIT: The cooler it gets, the less you have to run your pool and add chemicals, which will save you money. So the cost of keeping your pool open longer is not too bad.
BENEFIT: Algae doesn’t grow well in colder water. That means, the later you close your pool for the winter, the better chance of opening your pool up clear in the spring. Open your pool early too for best results.

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