How Do I Know If I Have The Right Swimming Pool Filter System?

How Do I Know If I Have The Right Swimming Pool Filter System?

Swimming Pool Filter Reviews

From Swimming Pool Steve

As swimming pool and outdoor living designers and maintainers, we have discovered an important fact over the years pertaining to most client’s interest in swimming pool mechanical systems:  They Don’t Care.  Most swimming pool customers expect the swimming pool professional to vet out the different systems and manufacturers and rely upon the pro to make the right choice for them.  For those people, this post isn’t as relevant.  The post by Swimming Pool Steve addresses the smaller but no less fastidious group of pool owners that want to make their own choices of equipment after conducting thorough research.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Swimming Pool Filter Reviews – Cartridge & Sand Filters

Your swimming pool filter accounts for over 50% of the total water clarity in your pool water. Balancing chemicals is obviously important to maintain clear water however a dirty, improperly maintained filter – or a filter that is not sized correctly for your pool system – will make it impossible to keep the water looking clean and clear. In order to determine which filter, and which model size of filter, you need for your pool requires a calculation involving the volume of the pool and the flow output (GPM) from the pump. Unfortunately most pool technicians do not, or can not, perform these calculations instead relying on using a rule of thumb for which filters will work on which pools. As the pool owner you should not assume that anyone else has properly sized your equipment and you should double check all values and perform a filtration turnover calculation before purchasing a replacement filter.

How To Figure Out Which Size Filter You Need

To begin the process of selecting your new pool filter you need to calculate the volume of your swimming pool. Measure the length, width and depth using feet and round numbers. You do not need to be 100% accurate in determining your volume.

Rectangle pools – Multiply Pool Length x Pool Width x Pool Depth x 7.5 = Pool volume in gallons

Round Pools – 3.14 x Pool Radius x Pool Radius x Pool Depth x 7.5 = Pool volume in gallons

Kidney Pools – Average Pool Length x Average Pool Width x Average Pool Depth x 7.0 = Pool Volume in gallons

Now that you have the pool volume in gallons, multiply that number by three to determine the daily turnover value in gallons that we need to achieve. Passing the entire volume of water of the pool through the filtration system 3 times every 24 hours is an industry standard for residential swimming pool and hot tub water safety. Once you know the turnover rate you need for the pool we can look at the pump and filter sizing requirements that can accommodate this turnover.

Pool Filter Maximum Flow Rate Design

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