Using A Hot Tub To Help You Lose Weight

Using A Hot Tub To Help You Lose Weight

How to Lose Weight in a Hot Tub

From Swim University

America has a problem with obesity which is well documented.  Weight loss schemes, pills, cremes, diets, programs, etc. have become a multi-billion dollar industry as America’s collective waistline has expanded and expanded.  This post from Matt Giovanisci from Swim University presents a more practical approach to weight loss for those fortunate enough to possess a hot tub.  Check out this post that takes a unique look at a way to lose unwanted pounds and inches.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

For years I ate whatever I wanted and threw caution to the wind, which resulted in testing the durability of my bathroom scale. However, when I watched what I ate and exercised I felt awesome, and my bathroom scale thanked me.

Since the beginning of 2013, I have managed to lose 15 pounds by following a SUPER easy diet and exercise routine, which feels effortless. In light of my success, I wanted to share my excitement and write this post to encourage others to join me on the path to easy weight loss.

Last year, I met Susan Atkinson and Susan Irby via social media. Susan Atkinson is a yoga instructor and creator of a new Hot Tub Yoga DVD that is now available for purchase. Her videos are what inspired me to create my Hot Tub Yoga Infographic.

Susan Irby is an Award-winning TV, Radio host and best-selling author known as The Bikini Chef. Her newest book, The Clean Separation, is a self-help book with author Kara Landau.

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