What Are The Best Places To Swim In The World?

What Are The Best Places To Swim In The World?

World’s best swimming cities

From CNN

With most of the world covered by water, it’s only natural that humans would adapt to love the water.  Swimming, whether in open water or in a swimming pool is a universal love of humans worldwide.  This post from CNN presents the very best cities to engage in this wonderful recreational activity, and some of the results may surprise you.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Copenhagen, Denmark
A city surrounded by water, Copenhagen is a joy for swimmers, especially as midsummer looms and winter becomes a distant memory.
Amager Beach Park is an ideal sandy spot for whiling away an afternoon.
It’s a two-kilometer artificial island that creates a calm lagoon perfect for a paddle.
If leaving the city seems like a chore, the sensational harbor baths at Islands Brygge and Fisketorvet are a winning alternative.
Daredevils can try out the diving boards while fitness fanatics can plow out laps in the clean, cool water.

Zurich, Switzerland
Switzerland’s love affair with diving into rivers and lakes isn’t just confined to the High Alps.
Zurich has 18 official outdoor bathing spots, all offering crystal-clear water in stunning surroundings.
Tiefenbrunnen swimming beach, on the shores of Lake Zurich, is the big draw thanks to its kids’ pool, diving boards and the chance to get a post-swim massage.
For something off the beaten track, men can try the Schanzengraben river pool, which dates back to 1864.
The women-only Stadthausquai pool is an art nouveau gem with views of the old town.

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