Amazing Lightweight Wearable Floatation Device Saves Lives

Amazing Lightweight Wearable Floatation Device Saves Lives

Kingii Wearable


Your companion in and around water

Kingii is the new wristband for all those who love water! If you need help to stay afloat, pull the lever and an inflation bag will pull you to the surface.

Water safety, especially with kids, relies on vigilance and the attention of adults.  Until now, even arm-worn floatation devices required the constant attention of adults or lifeguards to ensure the safety of swimmers.  A new product promises to change the game for water safety, and it is called the Kingii.  A wrist-worn, deployable air bag makes the user rise to the surface and float when in distress, which is a revolutionary approach to water safety.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Our story
Fighting drowning is personal to us

Dear Friends,
I invented the Kingii Wearable because I had a very good friend who died from drowning. Even the most experienced swimmer can experience a water emergency, and my friend paid the price for being unprepared.

I learned that my friend was not the only one who needed something to save him from the dangers of water activities. More than 372,000 people across the world drown every year.

That is why I invented Kingii, the smallest inflatable in the world. Although this wristband cannot replace a life vest (read our security advice carefully), it can give you additional buoyancy. Please support us – we need you to spread the word to make the water a safer place.

Sincerely yours,

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