Hot Tub Maintenance 101: A Clean Filter Saves You Money

Hot Tub Maintenance 101: A Clean Filter Saves You Money

Clean Spa Filters Can Save you Money

From  Swim University

Hot Tubs have myriad benefits to the owner, but as most soon find out, they are far from maintenance free.  One not only has to be an amateur chemist to ensure a clear, healthy tub, but the moving parts and components can break down easily if not properly cared for.  Like one’s car, the parts and pieces of the hot tub system need to be maintained to ensure safety and longevity.  In this post from Swim University, Matt Giovanisci presents the simplest way to ensure a clean, safe hot tub, involving the leading cause of breakdowns.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The leading cause for service in a portable spa is dirty or clogged spa filters. All portable spas use cartridge filters and they’re a very important part of spa care, the operating system, and for the health of the user.

The 3 Main Spa Filter Parts

1. The Media
The media is often white in color, pleated, and fabric-like in appearance. All the water passes through and the media catches the debris. The material used to make the fabric is spun bound polyester, formed into a cloth-like material, which is then pleated.

2. The Core
The internal structure of the filter which give the filter strength from the force of the water flow. If the core is not strong enough to maintain the integrity of the filter, the water flow is mitigated.

3. The End Caps
The plastic material at the end of the filters serves two purposes:

Structure to keep the integrity of the filter
To attach the filter to the plumbing of the spa.
End caps all will have an opening, many have two, and many have a threaded end or a slip-like attachment.

It is recommended that you change your filter at least once per year! We’re not saying this just because we want you to buy spa filters. We’re saying it because your filter helps protect your health AND several expensive spa parts. Dirty

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