The Automatic Pool Cover As An Art Installation

The Automatic Pool Cover As An Art Installation

Pool Covers as Art

From Aqua Magazine

The swimming pool cover has many obvious benefits to the homeowner, but eye-pleasing asethetics is usually not one of them.  The cover is often looked at as a necessary evil to keep the pool safe and clean.  According to this post from Aqua Magazine, one company is working to change this dynamic.  Aquamatic Pool Safety covers, a partner of Platinum Pool, is offering their Art Pool Covers line in North America, and is changing the game for automatic swimming pool covers.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The automatic pool cover offers exciting possibilities as a medium for art or personal expression. It has taken a while for the idea to emerge, but sooner or later, almost every practical invention becomes part of the designer’s canvas.

The benefits of automatic pool covers are well known within the ranks of pool builders and clients. They make pools safer, reduce their energy consumption, lower chemical demand and make them easier to service. Pool owners who can afford the initial investment can sometimes generate a full return within a couple years or less.

For all of those big advantages, however, automatic pool covers are not generally considered pleasing to the eye. Although manufacturers have improved aesthetics by offering covers in different colors and have developed neat solutions for concealing the cover vault, deployed covers can look like big tarps.

Fortunately, at least one inventive U.S. cover manufacturer, a European supplier and forward-thinking builders now offer a solution to the visual doldrums associated with automatic covers: Over the past two-plus years, cover manufacturer Aquamatic has begun offering a French product known as “Artpoolcovers” to its dealers in North America.

The covers can carry a wide spectrum of images as a way to transform the ordinary appearance of covers into a showcase for artistic statements that reflect the homeowner’s tastes. Artpoolcovers have been around for several years in Europe, mostly on manual covers, and have recently begun to emerge in the market here at home.

“We were contacted by a French company that manufactures these covers,” explains Tom Dankel of Aquamatic. “They looked at our company and what we’ve brought to the market in terms of innovation and service to the market. They did their research and believed we’d be a good partner. So here we are.”

For its part, Aquamatic made sure the product line was reliable in terms of performance and longevity. “It was important to us that they had a track record,” Dankel adds. “We didn’t want to take this on and then have the covers fall apart. The fact that they have a successful track record and a five year warranty was of paramount importance to us.”


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