Money Saving Tips And Tricks For Your Inground Swimming Pool

Money Saving Tips And Tricks For Your Inground Swimming Pool

Items Every Pool Needs

from Swimming Pool Steve

Swimming pools aren’t only expensive to build, as any swimming pool owner already knows, they are expensive to maintain.  Pool Owner’s are always looking for ways to cut costs, sometimes even sacrificing enjoyment or safety in the process.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve precludes the necessity to take such drastic measures by offering some no nonsense items that will definitely present cost savings for the swimming pool owner, as well as make the pool ownership experience easier and the pool safer.

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Expert Advice – Items That Every Swimming Pool Needs

Owning a swimming pool is obviously fantastic but most pool owners struggle with the ongoing costs associated with maintenance, repairs, upgrades and even the “pool toys” themselves all add up. It can be very difficult to determine, for new pool owners, how and where you should spend your money on your pool since the list of potential things you need to buy is endless. Combine this with difficulty in getting straight forward, educated advice from pool and spa professionals and the average pool owner is left feeling a little bit exposed – too many things to buy and not enough knowledge to make an informed decision on their own.

The #1 Item That Will Save You Money For Your Pool

Buying a variable speed pump is the single best thing you can do to save money on the operating costs of your swimming pool. By the time you need to replace a pump you are probably already jaded from how much your pool has been draining your finances so you start to shop around for the cheapest pump you can find. This is a big mistake. There are a lot of solid long term investments that can save you money down the road – a variable speed pool pump should be right at the top of that list.

Average in ground pool pump cost = $400
Average true variable speed pool pump cost = $1200

When you run a single speed pump around the clock it can get fairly costly in terms of electrical usage. A 1.5HP single speed pump would cost in the range of $150 per month to operate electrically. A variable speed pump will save as much as 80-90% of these electrical costs due to a motor running at much lower speeds (so as to meet the turnover rate for your pool, not exceed it many times over like a single speed pump does). On the conservative side let us say that the VS pump is 75% less to operate. This will result in a savings of $112.50 per month of operation. If we assume a 6 month pool season then the savings work out as follows:

$675.00 – Average electrical savings after 6 months
$2025.00 – Average electrical savings after 3 years
$4725.00 – Average electrical savings over manufacturers expected pump service life (7 years)

Total cost of a single speed pump (including purchase price and service life operation) = $6700.00
Total cost of a variable speed pump (including purchase price and service life operation) = $2775.00

Buying a variable speed pool pump can save you $4000 over the next 7 years by compared to a single speed pump. This is the single greatest efficiency improvement you can, and should, make to your swimming pool.

For reviews on all popular brands of VS pumps visit the page on variable speed pump reviews

The #1 Item that Will Prevent Damage To Your Pool

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