How To Clean A Dead Body From Your Swimming Pool (or how to clean a very dirty pool)

How To Clean A Dead Body From Your Swimming Pool (or how to clean a very dirty pool)

How To Clean A VERY Dirty Pool

From Swimming Pool Steve

 A dirty swimming pool can mean many things to many people.  It is no secret that after a long winter, opening up a swimming pool in the spring can be an adventure for the swimming pool professional and the DIY’er alike.  This post from Swimming Pool Steve takes a unique and humorous approach to cleaning up a pool for the spring, based on the conjecture that taking on a normally green pool in the spring is analagous to finding a decomposing dead body in one’s pool.  Obviously a tongue-in-cheek comparison, but humorous nonetheless.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

How To Clean A Dead Body Out Of Your Swimming Pool

Every spring pool professionals receive questions about how to clean a dirty pool. This can get a bit repetitive especially when the same solution applies to any water quality problems in a pool – remove the debris, shock, test and balance. This would be a pretty common chemical adjustment process over the course of a few days after cleaning a dirty pool. No matter how many times I have said this to pool owners there are still some that insist that their problem is unique and not responding to conventional treatments. For example if I ask you what your water chemistry values for free chlorine, pH and total alkalinity are and you tell me “they are good” I am going to be honest…I am skeptical that they are actually good. Nothing personal.

So we can look at this from a different perspective – Imagine you have a giant, bloated, stinking dead body in your swimming pool. Whether this is the case or you just have a bag or two of leaves in the bottom the remedy is exactly the same.

Remove All Of The Pieces Of The Body From The Pool

removing bodies from a swimming pool After a body has been floating on the surface of your pool for a few days, or even a few weeks, it may sink to the bottom. Until you are able to remove the all of the body pieces from the pool you will not be able to hold a free chlorine level. You can try to use your pool vacuum to get the body off the bottom but the larger pieces might get stuck in your vacuum – or even worse stuck in the suction line of the pool. For this reason the best method to get a dead body off the floor of your pool is to use a large leaf skimmer net with a deep net like this light duty skimmer or this heavy duty version for extra heavy bodies.

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