Save Money Following These Easy Swimming Pool Tips

Save Money Following These Easy Swimming Pool Tips

10 Money Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool

From Swim University

 One of the biggest surprises for new swimming pool owners are the ongoing costs.  Swimming Pools are expensive to build, but some might argue that they are even more expensive to maintain in the long run.  Not only to one’s utility costs increase, but the costs of cleaning, maintaining, chemically treating, etc. can be a burden for many pool owners.  This post from Matt Giovanisci of Swim University tackles this common problem head-on with this post, and offers 10 ingenious money saving tips that will ease the burden and make swimming pool ownership more enjoyable for the entire family.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Over the years of sharing information about taking care of your swimming pool, I’ve come across some really interesting ways to save money while operating and maintaining your swimming pool.

These tips really help out the current-day pool owner who is trying to cut back spending while actively trying to maintain a healthy, stress-free lifestyle by actually enjoying the swimming pool sitting in the backyard.

1. Store Your Vacuum Head Correctly

The number one reason pool owners replace their vacuum head is because the brushes on the bottom of it have either flattened out or completely fallen off. A great way to get a longer life out of your vacuum head is all in how you store it.

Store your vacuum head upside down and out of the sun. Over the winter, be sure you keep it away from any chlorine. If you do this, you will double the life of your vacuum head, which can be expensive to replace.

Bonus: If you don’t know how to use your manual vacuum, check out our video on vacuuming your swimming pool.

2. Use A Solar Cover With Your Pool Heater

Solar covers are great for many reasons. They maintain the heat in the pool, they keep debris out, and they help attract heat from the sun. If you have a gas or electric heater you might say, why would I need a solar cover if I have a heater?

Solar covers help to keep the heat that’s collected from the sun in your pool. If you ONLY use a solar cover at night, it helps to keep the heat from escaping your pool – especially on those really cool summer nights.

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