What Would You Do If You Found 100 Frogs In Your Swimming Pool?

What Would You Do If You Found 100 Frogs In Your Swimming Pool?

Florida Homeowner Finds 100+ Frogs in Pool

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Anyone who has experienced an infestation in any area of their home knows what a frightening experience that this can be.  Every 17 years, the cicada comes out of the ground, and the prehistoric looking bug covers the yard, driveway, and swimming pool.  One Florida homeowner experienced something right out of the Old Testament, and how he dealt with it could be instructive to others who may find themselves in the same situation.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Spring is traditionally the mating season in the animal kingdom, and while the sight of baby geese and deer can bring a smile to our faces, it can also on occassion cause some serious frustration.

Tony Summa of Edgewater, Fla., knows from experience. Last month, while checking on the backyard pool, he was shocked to discover more than 100 tree frogs turning his pool into a breeding ground.

“We’re from Connecticut, so when we saw that. We were in total shock,” homeowner Tony Summa told WKMG-TV.

“There were a ton of eggs in the pool. I’m really afraid of the dog eating them and getting sick,” he added.

At a loss for how to manage his new house guests, Summa posted a photo of the issue to a neighborhood Facebook group.

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