Swimming Pool Pet Safety Tips For Summer

Swimming Pool Pet Safety Tips For Summer

Is Your Pet Safe at the Pool This Summer?

From Around The Gate

We are all pretty much aware that an inground swimming pool can present a significant safety hazard to children.  We devote much time and energy with safety devices and safety rules to keep kids safe around a swimming pool.  What most people tend to forget is that a swimming pool can present a significant safety hazard to household pets and animals as well.  This post from Around the Gate presents some practical tips for keeping the household dog or cat safe around the swimming pool this summer.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

In the summer owning a pool can be a great source of fun for the entire family—even for your pets. It also can be a safety challenge if you are not careful.
Pool safety issues for pets and kids are very similar, and they go far beyond just careful supervision. With children and pets, you can never assume that you can watch them all the time. It only takes a minute of distraction for either one to run out the door and into the pool. In fact, one study showed that in the case of children, supervision failed in 69 percent of the drowning incidents.
With that said, pools can be great fun for your pet. Here are just a few of the issues you should consider:
Although many dogs love the water, don’t assume they can swim naturally. Never throw a dog into the pool, he may panic and not be able to climb the slick sides to get out of the pool.
Even excellent swimmers will gradually lose their ability as they age and become weaker. In addition, senior dogs are more prone to slipping and falling into a pool.
Heat and sunlight are more intense around the pool. Your dog cannot keep as cool as you, so watch for signs of overheating. Don’t let your dog drink from the pool– the chlorine can make him sick.

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