A DIY Guide: How To Vacuum Your Inground Swimming Pool

A DIY Guide: How To Vacuum Your Inground Swimming Pool

How to Properly Vacuum your Pool!

from Aqua Palace

If you are the DIY type, you will probably want to maintain your own inground swimming pool.  Taking care of one’s own pool is no small task, as it entails knowing about water chemistry, cloudly pools, sanitizers, pool pumps, pool filters, skimmers, and the most common of all activities, pool cleaning.  The cornerstone of pool cleaning is the pool vacuuming, which can be confusing for some pool owners.  This post from Aqua Palace presents an easy guide for pool vacuuming, going through the process step by step.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

 It’s very important to vacuum your pool on a regular basis to insure that all of the leaves and particles do not remain on the bottom of the pool very long. Everyone always wants to have a perfectly clean pool, so keeping it vacuumed on a regular basis a long with properly maintaining your chemicals will insure you always have a beautiful pool to look at!

What You Will Need

It’s important to make sure you have all the necessary items that you will need to vacuum prior to starting. You will need an expandable pole, vacuum head, and long enough vacuum hose to stretch the length of your pool. If you have an extremely large pool and have multiple skimmers, you can get a shorter length of vac hose and simply move it to the other skimmer to reach the other end. Make sure your vac head is in good condition, with no cracks and good bristles left. If the bristles are worn or different heights, it is recommended to get a replacement vac head so that you do not damage the bottom of the pool. As the vac heads age, they become stiff and can tear holes in a liner very easily.

How To Get Started

First, hook your pole and your hose onto your vac head. Place the vac head into the water and let it sink down to the bottom while holding on to the pole. Grab the other end of the hose and place it next to the return jet in the pool. This will allow all of the air to be pushed out of the hose to allow for an immediate connection when placed into the skimmer and you won’t lose prime on your pump. Your vac head will rise to the surface, releasing the air in the hose and then will start to sink back down. Keep the other end of the hose in the water and drag it over to the skimmer. Remove the skimmer basket and set it aside. Connect the hose into the skimmer (an adapter may be required depending on your hose or skimmer port size). If you have an inground pool with multiple skimmers and floor drains, you will more than likely want to close the opposite skimmer slightly that you are currently not using, to around half of the normal flow, to provide additional suction power. Now you are ready to go!

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