A Guide To Throwing A Pool Party

A Guide To Throwing A Pool Party

How to Throw the Perfect Pool Party

From Guardian Pool Fence

Summer means swimming, and entertaining.  One’s outdoor living space wouldn’t be serving it’s purpose without entertaining, and what is entertaining around a pool without having a real pool party.  What usually stumps even the most seasoned entertainers is how to structure a swimming pool party for various age groups.  Should there be games?  What kind of food is best to serve?  This post from Guardian Pool Fence gives some great tips to throwing the perfect pool party.  Such subjects as decorations, food and drink, and dress code are all addressed in detail in this handy post.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

he summer months are finally approaching and I don’t know about you but I’ve got my fingers crossed for some pool party worthy weather! So once the sun’s arrived, here are my tips for throwing an amazing party.


Why not try an ‘under the sea/beach’ themed party for little ones, complete with inflatable sharks and mermaids. Inflatable toys are great as they’re decorations that double as entertainment! Decorate the rest of the party with blue ruffled crepe paper to look like waves and sprinkle shells over surfaces. Why not give each child (and adult!) a flower garland as they enter to get them in the party spirit!

For a more grown-up, sophisticated soiree you cold pretty up your pool with some floating flowers and sprinkle your patio with brightly colored lanterns. Fill them with candles for a softly-lit atmosphere.

To take your pool party into the evening try putting glow sticks into balloons, then blow them up and float them in the pool for a really pretty and effective look. Keep blankets to hand for chilly shoulders and your party will last all night!

Food & Drink

Pool party food and drink has to be tasty, refreshing and fun! Citrus flavors are always a hit in the summer; try creating your own cocktails and punch with some of your favorite juices, then lace them with rum for a tropical feel. Keep bottles of beer or fizzy drinks in buckets of ice, this makes room for more food in your fridge and looks really cool around the pool side.

Barbecues provide the perfect summer time food; no-one will say no to a great barbecue when the sun’s out. Create your own marinades for chicken the day before and try flavor combinations such as mango and chili or a zesty lime salad dressing.

Platters of fresh fruit will always go down well, just make sure you keep them covered or in the shade. Try exotic fruit such as watermelons, pineapples and kiwis for a colorful display.

For your kid’s party, cupcakes and sweets will always be a hit, but bowls of cold grapes and strawberries will also come up trumps with a pool full of hungry children. Try starfish shaped sandwiches to continue the under the sea theme – this can easily be done with cookie cutters!

Entertainment & Games

A Slip’n’Slide, water balloons and water pistols will keep the little ones amused for hours, just make sure there’s enough for everyone and there won’t be any tantrums or tears. You can find tons of pool party game ideas online, but one of my favorites for kids is ‘Shark in The Water!’, which is basically like a water based version of ‘Tag, you’re it!’. This works best in bigger pools but it’s a classic game that kids always love. Or, why not try some water sports like Water-Polo or Volleyball?

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