Swimming Pool Games And Activities For Kids

Swimming Pool Games And Activities For Kids


From Creative Connections for Kids

One doesn’t have to invest in expensive swimming pool toys and gadgets to make swimming time fun for one’s kids.  This post from Creative Connections For Kids presents some very simple, inexpensive, and easy to implement games for the little ones, which will help make their family time in the swimming pool fun, and help them appreciate the swimming pool as a vehicle for their recreation and exercise for a lifetime.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The heat is on and these simple swimming pool games are cool and fun. They are perfect for any summer day or a pool party. Our local pool limits the number of pool toys and inflatables; and these ideas require very few props and toys. As always, supervision around water is an absolute must. You know your children and their swimming capabilities. The difficulty of some of the games can adjusted by changing the depth of the water. Some can be played in the wading pool, the shallow, or deep end.


Items needed: pennies

Throw pennies into the pool and have the kids dive for them.


Items needed: Rubber ducks or other small floating toys

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