Swimming Pool Planning Guide

Swimming Pool Planning Guide

Swimming Pools 101: Plan Now for Next Summer

From Yahoo News

Planning a custom inground swimming pool in one’s yard can be a daunting task.  Many people lack the courage just to get started.  Those intrepid homeowners that take the first step are always rewarded with a lifetime of splashing memories with friends and family.  This post from Yahoo News gives an easy step-by-step guide for those timid homeowners that haven’t found the motivation to take that first step as of yet.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Planning and building a swimming pool isn’t something you should do on a whim. It’s a big-time investment that can both dramatically alter your landscape and lifestyle.

“Every year we have people who call us in March or April, and they want pools built so they can be swimming in them by Memorial Day,” said Kathy Caviness, vice president for Edmond, OK-based Caviness Landscape Design. “Pool building is really more complicated than that. If someone wants a pool by next Memorial Day, they’d be smart to start the process this fall.”

Getting started

That process, says Caviness, must start with prioritizing your needs and wants, starting with these questions:

Is my yard suited to a pool?
What zoning restrictions do I face?
What’s my pool budget?
Am I prepared to care for a pool, or am I in the position to hire help?
Will this pool be used primarily for exercise, entertaining, kid play or lounging?
What should I know about safety and insurance?

Pool types

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