Want To Learn Freestyle Swimming Technique in 5 Easy Steps?

Want To Learn Freestyle Swimming Technique in 5 Easy Steps?

5 tips for beginner freestylers

From Swim Smooth

Freestyle is a fantastic stroke to be able to swim…
…and the great news is that anyone can learn!

Most of us who started swimming at a very young age take swimming for granted.  Because it is a skill that becomes ingrained into our subconscious, most of us forget how imtimidating and hard it was to learn how to swim at first.  Adults or older kids that first start to learn to swim find that learning the strokes only adds to the intimidation.  This post from Swim Smooth gives an easy to follow guide to learning the freestyle technique, which will help the beginner swimmer gain confidence and mastery in no time.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

about the freestyle stroke

Freestyle is a fantastic stroke. When you are competent at the stroke it’s easy, fluid, smooth and fast. If you only swim breast stroke at the moment you’ll find it feels completely different – freestyle is much more flowing. You know how awkward it is if you try and walk really quickly? Freestyle is like breaking into a run – it’s a great feeling!

Learning freestyle presents some challenges, the most obvious of which is how to adapt to breathing in a face down position. Many novice freestylers have some anxiety about putting their faces in the water whilst swimming. Don’t worry, that’s entirely normal. Every year we work with hundreds of swimmers who want to learn the freestyle stroke and meet these challenges.

An excellent freestyle stroke in action. Check out our Mr Smooth visualisation for a better understanding of what a good stroke looks like.
Here are our top 5 tips to help you learn freestyle:

tip 1. get help from a swimming ‘buddy’

If you know a competent swimmer you trust, it will help a lot to have them in the water with you. We call them a swimming ‘buddy’.

Having a buddy in the water with you is reassuring. They can remind you of what you need to be doing and they can point out where you are making good progress with your stroke technique. They can also hold you in specific positions whilst you get a feel for them.

We have written an article for freestyle swimmers who want to be a buddy and help their friends or relatives learn to swim the stroke. See Help Someone Learn Freestyle.

tip 2. develop a feel for the water

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