Some Mommy and Me Swim Activities To Try At Your Own Swimming Pool

Some Mommy and Me Swim Activities To Try At Your Own Swimming Pool

Top 3 Mommy and Me Swimming Pool Activities

From Shasta Pools

Introducing a baby to your swimming pool is always a stressful activity, especially for the new parent.  It is always helpful to have some guidance, and a plan.  Mommy and Me swim classes, usually offered at the local YMCA or public swim facility, is a great way to introduce an infant to the wonders of swimming.  This post from Shasta Pools offers the top 3 Mommy and Me swimming activities to try at your own home swimming pool.  After all, you built your very own pool for privacy, convenience, and to keep your family close to home.  Why not start introducing your children to it right at their beginning of life’s journey?

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Nursery Rhyme Time
Every parent loves to sing and recite nursery rhymes to their inquisitive little ones, so why not bring them to the pool? Chances are that you and your baby have already come up with some of your very own fabulous dance moves for different rhymes and songs, so rather than perform them on land, perform them in the pool (for example, when Humpty Dumpty goes tumbling off that wall or when London Bridge falls down, have your baby make a little splash in the water).

Bubble Blowing Babies
Not only are blowing bubbles in the pool fun, but it also prepares baby for a lifetime of safe and comfortable swimming! The best way to encourage your baby to blow bubbles is to do it first and show them how it’s done. Blowing bubbles while making silly sounds or humming those nursery rhymes will further encourage baby to get in on the fun.

Alphabet Noodles

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