Want To Introduce Your Baby to Swimming In Your Swimming Pool?

Want To Introduce Your Baby to Swimming In Your Swimming Pool?

How to Introduce a Baby to Swimming
Getting your tot used to the water and teaching baby to swim can be fun for both of you!

From Parents

For parents of a newborn, there are so many new expereinces and new things to be conscious of when you are now responsible for the protection and livlihood of your newborn.  What to feed them, how to care for them if they are sick, sleep patterns, and so many other things that are typically new to the young parent.  For parents that either have access to or have their own Swimming Pool, the question always arises as to when they can introduce their newborn to the pool.  This post from Parents gives you a great step-by-step guide along with tips and tricks to accomplish that wonderful milestone safely and effectively.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Start in the bathtub. It’s an easy and convenient way to get your baby accustomed to the water. Hop in there with him to create a safe and fun environment. To get him used to the feeling of water on his head, fill a cup and gently pour it over his hair, letting it cascade over his face too.

Time it right. You can begin introducing your baby to the water as early as you feel comfortable, as long as his belly button or circumcision has healed. The younger a child is when
she starts, the more comfortable she’s likely to be in the pool. Always check with your pediatrician before you start, though.

Check the temperature. Babies can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults, so 92?F is ideal because it’s close to Baby’s natural body temp. If the water at your pool is cooler, you can still take your baby in, but you may need to get out every 10 minutes or so to warm up. Pay attention to lip, finger, and toe color and if it turns purplish, take Baby out of the pool.

Bond with Baby. You or another adult should always be in the water, holding your baby. Not only is it safest, carrying your baby skin-to-skin and interacting with him in the water will strengthen your bond.

Say no to floaties. Water wings and other flotation devices give a false sense of security. Plus, they keep Baby in a vertical position, but horizontal is best for swimming.

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