The Case For Salt Water Pools and Their Benefits

The Case For Salt Water Pools and Their Benefits

Five Major Advantages Of Installing Salt Water Pools

From Salt Water Pool Plus

There is no subject in the history of the swimming pool industry that has spawned more discussion, confusion, and controversy than salt water chlorination systems.  In the past, we have catalogued the case against these systems for various reasons.  This post from Salt Water Pool Plus presents the affirmative case for salt water pools by presenting 5 major advantages of these systems.  As long as the consumer understands the pros and the cons and makes an informed decision, there is nothing wrong with utilizing these chlorinators as directed.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Salt water pools have become the most popular kind of pool to own for several years. Recently, salt water pool has become hotter because of their known and numbers of advantages. These advantages include reduced chemical use and lower maintenance. The article will talk about the advantages an owner can have if he decided to transform his pool into a saltwater one. Generally, an owner can have numbers of advantages but this article will only discuss the most important ones.


Among the advantages of this pool type is the comfort that you will experience. With this pool type, salt is the main component. As we all know, salt is softer than chlorine when it attaches to your skin. In addition, chlorine can cause you to have red eyes, discolored hair and itchy skin. Therefore, if you plan to turn your pool into salt water one you can swim regularly without feeling all those negative effects of chlorine. In addition, you will never suffer from any of the symptoms mentioned.


Another best advantage of salt water pool is the use of low chemical levels. People who started using salt water pools do not need to store or even handle too many toxic chemicals regularly. This means that there is no need for the owner to buy numbers or tons of chemicals in order to maintain their pool clean. Moreover, it also means that salt water pools are more environmentally safe for everyone since it only consist enough and tolerable chemical levels. Since chlorine levels are low, every person who swims will not suffer from chlorine odor anymore.


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