Amazing Pool House Designs To Inspire

Amazing Pool House Designs To Inspire

15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs

From Home Design Lover

If having a swimming pool in one’s house is the ultimate luxury, then having a pool house right next to it is a close second.  Having a dedicated space for changing, laundry, using the restrooms, and entertaining around the pool is a great luxury for those fortunate to have the swimming pool.  A pool house keeps traffic and wet feet out of the main residence, which is especially useful when large numbers of guests are using the pool.  This post from Home Design Lover presents some amazing pool house designs for those seeking inspiration for their own convenient hideaway next to the swimming pool.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

A swimming pool should be an inviting oasis that welcomes you to stop and admire its beauty while simultaneously beckoning you to jump right in. It is typically a place for recreation and rest which used to be available for public use only until people decided to have one in their own homes. It can somehow be costly, but the happiness and fun the owners and their friends get from them is priceless. Pools come in different sizes and shapes, depending of course with the budget and the need the owner have.

Homeowners usually copy or recreate the look of the swimming pool from the resort that they have visited at some point in their life. They like to recreate it especially when they have fun memories in them. Who wouldn’t want to have that same pool in your backyard right? Today, we have a list of 15 Lovely Swimming Pool House Designs which can serve as inspiration for you guys out there who are planning on having one for your own.

Cat Mountain Residence

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