Don’t Neglect Pet Safety Around Your Swimming Pool

Don’t Neglect Pet Safety Around Your Swimming Pool

Pool Safety Tips for Pets


Governmental Bodies, Municipalities, Insurance Underwriters, Pool Builders, etc. spend a great deal of time creating legislation, regulations, products and services to protect human beings around swimming pools.  The reasons for this are obvious, as swimming pools can be frought with hazards that are potentially harmful to humans.  Unfortunately, your four legged best friends aren’t always the first topic of conversation when it comes to swimming pool safety.  This post from gives some common-sense, useful tips on how to keep your family pet safe and sound around the swimming pool this summer.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

There are some basics rules you can follow to prevent tragedy when pets are around the family pool. First, your pet should always be taught where the steps in the pool are located, in case he falls in or gets in trouble while swimming. Even pets that are experienced swimmers can sometimes panic if they accidentally fall in the swimming pool. Pets that are too small to use steps should not be allowed in the pool.

Here are some other helpful strategies for keeping your pet safe:

A fence should be installed around the pool.
Install a pet-safe ladder in the pool so your pet has easy exit access.
Pets should not be allowed around the pool without supervision.
Pool covers are NOT a form of protection. Covers can be deceptive to pets, as they look like a solid surface but can give out and lead to a tragedy.

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