The Search For The Perfect Wave (Pool) May Be Over

The Search For The Perfect Wave (Pool) May Be Over

Making the Perfect Wave

From Aqua

Like the lowest score in golf, the search for the perfect wave may be the most elusive element on the planet.  Surfers have been striving to ride it for literally centuries, and they travel all over the globe annually for a chance to find it, and be in the right place and right time to ride it.  Luckily for these frustrated surfers, Kelly Slater may have created a way to replicate it repeatedly.  This post from Aqua Magazine explains how the champion surfer’s company may have moved the art of artifical wave creation past the glass ceiling that has existed since the first wave machine was invented in 1929.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

In the highly specialized world of creating the perfect man-made wave, legendary surfer Kelly Slater may have just pulled off the equivalent of the Manhattan Project.

In December, Slater released a video called “The Big Reveal,” a three and half minute teaser produced by the Kelly Slater Wave Company, depicting the result of a decade of highly secretive research and development at an undisclosed location in California’s Central Valley. (Scroll down to see the video.)

Kelly Slater Wave Company

In the video, Slater is seen taking what is reportedly the first-ever ride on his as yet unnamed artificial wave. The wave features a perfect stationary “barrel” in a shoulder-high wave that travels at about 15 mph. Slater rides the wave for about a minute, performing his patented cutbacks that have earned him multiple world championships and the unofficial title as the world’s greatest living surfer.

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