How Safe Is My Inground Swimming Pool?

How Safe Is My Inground Swimming Pool?

How Safe is Your Residential Pool or Spa?

From Pool Safely

With Summer on the doorstep, it is easy for the entire family to be excited about using the pool very soon.  As parents, the most important thing to remember is safety.  There are definitely steps that one can take to make their swimming pool enviroment even safer than it likely is, according to this post from the CPSC’s Pool Safely Campaign.  This handy questionairre will clue homeowners into the fact that they can always improve their level of safety around the most fun, and also the most dangerous attraction at their home.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

CPSC recommends that residential pool and spa owners adopt water safety steps to prevent children from accessing the water when there is no adult supervision, and they are appropriately protected when an adult is available to supervise.

By asking and answering these critical questions, you can gauge the effectiveness of your water safety measures, and determine what steps need to be taken to protect children from drowning and submersion injuries:

Is there a fence around the perimeter of your pool or spa?
Are there self-closing and self-latching gates?
Are there door, gate or pool alarms in use?

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