Outdoor Fire Features Include Bowls, Fireplaces, Water/Fire Combination

Outdoor Fire Features Include Bowls, Fireplaces, Water/Fire Combination

7 Outdoor Fire Features Fuel the Soul

From Houzz

Spark some backyard bonding with a fireplace or fire pit, taking inspiration from these shining examples of great design

Nothing draws the eye, warms the heart, or brings people together like a fire.  This is a major reason why the proliferation of fire features in outdoor living designs has occurred over the last few decades.  Fire is the penultimate cherry on the sundae of any sublime outdoor living design.  Recent developments in this space have seen fireplaces that utilize gas and propane with automation, unique firepit deisgns, and the comglomeration of fire and water in unique ways.  This post from Houzz puts all of these on display, and helps stimulate the senses and inspire the next great design.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Folks are drawn together by a cozy fire. It is against the backdrop of an outdoor fire where old pals laugh, romances flourish, stresses are hypnotized away and kids get their s’more cravings appeased. Looking to add a fire feature to your backyard? Here are some ideas to, ahem, fire up your imagination.

Au naturel. A wood-burning fire is as elemental as it gets. That wonderful, unmistakable smoke smell hangs on to clothes and hair long after the flames die out, acting as a joyful reminder of camping trips and beach bonfires.

This wood-burning fire pit built within a table was put in by Gasper Landscape Design & Construction to offer the real deal in this backyard entertaining area.

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