Some Great Pool Safety Tips Especially For Kids

Some Great Pool Safety Tips Especially For Kids


From Kids Health

Summer is here, and that means long days swimming, wading, and splashing in the swimming pool.  Unfortunately, pools are dangerous places for kids that are under 14 years of age.  According to this post from Kid’s Health, drowning is the second most common cause of preventable death among kids of that age.  This article, which addresses kids directly and consequently is easy to read and comprehend, gives some great tips to stay safe this summer when one is around the water.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Have you seen those big numbers painted on the side of the pool? Those are called depth markers — they tell you how deep the water is at that point. You should always look before you jump into a pool. Also, only dive off the diving board. Never dive off the side of the pool unless an adult says that the water is deep enough. The water may be shallower than you think. If you hit the bottom . . . ouch! You might get knocked out or you could hurt your neck very badly.

Test the pool’s water temperature before you plunge in. Cold water can shock your body and make your blood pressure and heart rate go up. You might open your mouth to yell and accidentally breathe in some water. Cold water also can slow your muscles, making it hard to swim.

Other rules to follow:

Always have an adult watch you when you are in the pool — even in your own backyard. Never go in the pool if there is no adult around. Always call an adult or lifeguard if there is an emergency.
Gates are around pools for a reason — to keep kids away from the water when there isn’t a lifeguard or adult around to watch them. Never go through any pool gates when they are closed. Stay safe and stay out!
Always obey pool rules.
Swim with a buddy.
If you’re learning to swim, ask your mom or dad to make sure your flotation devices are Coast Guard-approved.
Walk slowly in the pool area. Don’t run.

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