Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips and Maintenance Guide

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tips and Maintenance Guide


From Pentair Pool

The ice is gone, and it is time to open your swimming pool for the summer.  Whether you are one who has a DIY inclination, or you hire a professional maintenance company to open your swimming pool, there are certain things that you can do to mitigate your cost, as well as to increase the effective life of your swimming pool and equipment.  This post from Pentair Pool gives a succinct,  handy guide to swimming pool cleaning and maintenance tips that apply to every swimming owner.

Here is an excerpt from post:

When preparing to open your pool for the season, clean all leaves and other debris off the cover before removing it.
Empty your skimmer baskets frequently. You’ll help minimize the amount of leaves that end up on the bottom of your pool.
When cleaning the surface of your pool with a leaf net, work your way around

When opening your pool at the beginning of the season, run your filter around the clock until the water is completely clear.
If your pool water appears green or has an unpleasant odor, the problem is probably caused by algae. Test for proper chlorine level, and consult a pool professional if the problem persists.

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