A Crucial Lesson: Why A Pool Heater Installation or Repair Needs To Be By a Professional

A Crucial Lesson: Why A Pool Heater Installation or Repair Needs To Be By a Professional

Heater Hazards

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Improper care can mean serious danger — but regular checkups should prevent most problems before they start.

The Internet has revolutionized the world, and there is really no arguing that point.  Goods and Services are able to be purchased cheaper, quicker, and more efficiently than before the advent of the WWW, and this is unquestionably a good thing.  Unfortunately, some fallout and unintended consequences of these actions are outlined in this article.  Do-it-yourselfers have long used the Internet to purchase goods cheaply and install them on their own, utilizing no more than a You Tube Video as their guide, in some cases.  This post illustrates that with certain goods and services, namely one’s own inground swimming pool, it is more prudent to leave these complicated entities to the licensed professionals, lest one could be courting disaster.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Though many heaters operate safely and reliably for decades, it takes just one service slip-up — a failure to fully clean out the heater’s interior, or to leave the ventilation open — to turn a trusted piece of equipment into a major liability.

“I’ve been on calls where the whole garage burnt down,and all the cars inside were destroyed, because of an improper heater installation,” says Brian Diglio, president of Blue Wave Pool Service and Supplies Inc. in Hamden, Conn. “It’s unbelievable how careless some installers are.”

However, sticking to a checklist of proper procedures often is all it takes to prevent such problems. Here, veteran techs share stories of common heater-related mistakes, and offer tips for keeping this component of the equipment pad safe and trouble-free.

Installation inspection

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