Questions That Every Swimming Pool Owner Should Ask

Questions That Every Swimming Pool Owner Should Ask

Questions Every Pool Owner Should Ask the Pros

From Pool FYI

Having a pool professional take care of one’s pool can give one a tremendous sense of calmness.  Owning a swimming pool is a complicated endeavor, and there are many things that a professional can handle that one has neither the time nor the inclination to worry about.  However, being an informed consumer is always the best option to protect one and one’s significant investment, and that’s where this post from Pool FYI comes into play.  

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The relationship you have with your local pool professional and the knowledge they can share with you are important in extending the life of your pool and helping you get the most out of your investment. Whether you’re considering installing a pool, you’re a relatively new pool owner, or you’ve been enjoying your pool for years, here are some questions that trustworthy pool professionals should be able to answer.​ What type and size of pool are best for my situation? Before installation, your pool expert should be asking you as many questions as you are asking them. And based on what they know about you, they probably have a good idea of what pool will fit you and your family best. They should also be willing to come to your home to look at your backyard. If they’re truly interested in earning your business, they need to be sensitive about the finances you have available for this project and your hopes and dreams for your summertime oasis. How much should I budget for annual maintenance? 

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