How To Achieve Backyard Privacy With Style

How To Achieve Backyard Privacy With Style

Creating Backyard Privacy—Stylishly

From Pool FYI

Nobody wants to be in the fish bowl, which is how it feels sometimes when you are trying to relax in your outdoor living space.  If one doesn’t have a properly designed space, one’s neighbors can become unwitting stalkers, and have their own reality show in real time at your expense.  Unfortunately, erecting a gigantic fence is not always an option, and usually isn’t a particularly attractive one at that.  This post from Pool FYI offers some stylish methods for creating the privacy that one craves without sacrificing aesthetics.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As houses continue to be built closer together and lot sizes shrink, the need for backyard privacy increasingly becomes increasingly important. While you can find a quick remedy with a simple fence or folding screen, these aren’t always the best solutions for your particular privacy needs. Additionally, these aren’t the most attractive ways to shield your activities from the gaze of your neighbor’s balcony or block your view of the other neighbor’s pile of junk in his yard. Go Natural: Shrubs and Trees  

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