Planning A Poolside Wedding This Spring In Your Backyard?

Planning A Poolside Wedding This Spring In Your Backyard?

Five Theme Ideas for Your Poolside Wedding

From Pool FYI

Statistically, the months of May through October are the most popular for weddings in the United States.  These Spring, Summer and Autumn months provide warmth, long evenings, and signify rebirth and new life.  For those fortunate enough to have an outdoor living space that includes a swimming pool, hosting a poolside wedding can be the most memorable venue for a wedding imaginable.  This post from Pool FYI provides some very interesting themes for a poolside wedding that one’s guests will remember for a lifetime.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

A poolside wedding in your very own backyard can bring a deeper level of intimacy, as well as a spirit of fun to your special day. Use these five ideas for planning your theme and wedding decorations to make your poolside wedding an event to remember.  

1. An Elegant Evening Affair An outdoor, poolside wedding at sunset can be just as elegant as any indoor event. The color white for flowers, tables, chairs and tablecloths always looks chic, but feel free to add some subtle teal, green or silver tones. Lighting is key; use floating candle centerpieces, as well as floating pool decor with delicate spotlights and ambient lighting to line your pool and set the perfect mood.

2. Surf’s Up! If you and your spouse-to-be love to surf and hit the beach, consider a casual surf-themed poolside wedding. Decorate with longboards, coconut candle holders, grass table skirts and tiki torches. Provide flower leis for your guests, and encourage them to wear their favorite beach attire. 

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