Salt Water Pool Pros, Cons, Myths: IT IS NOT CHLORINE FREE!

Salt Water Pool Pros, Cons, Myths: IT IS NOT CHLORINE FREE!

The Persistent Myths of Salt Systems


Everyone has heard of a salt water pool.  Additionally, it seems, everyone wants the “chlorine free” benefits of having said salt water pool.  Unfortunately, the myth of the salt water pool, the overstatement of its benefits and capabilities, and the outright lies about its efficacy have been one of the most persistent, overblown, and egregious cases of hyperbole and false adversiting perpetrated on any industry in a century.  This post from Aqua Magazine discusses the false claims and incorrect perceptions that have been fomented by the swimming pool chemical supply industry, and helps separate the truth from fiction.  Salt water chlorination systems aren’t going away, as they are heavily driven by consumer demand.  Unfortunately for them, they are desirous of this system based on false, misleading, and deceptive claims.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

The salt chlorine generator is one of the great success stories in the history of the industry. It automates the delivery of chlorine, providing a steady sanitizer level. It removes the burden of transporting chlorine products to the pool. And many consumers say the water in an SCG pool feels better on their skin.

But from the days of its introduction to the industry decades ago, misunderstandings about the system have lingered among consumers. A recent survey from chemical vendor Lonza has shown a persistent belief that “salt pools” use no chlorine and are better for the environment.

The survey also found widespread credence that pools with salt chlorine generators require less maintenance than pools that chlorinate water using traditional methods such as tabs or direct application. Further research found that some of these misconceptions about SCGs extend to distributors and dealers, the professionals of the water care business.

Where have these myths originated? To some extent, they find their basis in the desires of consumers to swim in a “natural” environment, like the ocean, free of chlorine. When introduced to the term “salt pool,” the willing consumer mind needs little encouragement to make the obvious leap to the idea of a pool filled with saltwater, like the briny sea.

But at the same time, some sellers of salt chlorine systems, whether they are online or in person, have been complicit in misleading pool owners about the nature and capabilities of salt systems, often through their own lack of education on the subject.

Consumer Campaign

For many years, awareness of widespread consumer misunderstandings about salt systems has been common in the pool industry. The author of this story has had dozens discussions with industry members over the last 15 years who reported encounters with pool owners insisting their “salt pools” were chlorine free. These same industry sources would often add that they knew of competitors that either gave out misleading information or remained silent in the face of a potential buyer’s illusions. A few admitted the practice themselves.

The matter came to the forefront recently with the announcement of a consumer campaign by Lonza, a large chemical manufacturer, to dispel misunderstandings among homeowners about salt chlorine generators.

The campaign, entitled, “Salt or Chlorine?” was launched in May 2015 with the stated goal of educating pool and spa dealers and consumers on the differences between traditional chlorine and saltwater sanitizing.

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