Some Backyard Fencing Options and Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Some Backyard Fencing Options and Ideas for Your Outdoor Living Space

Backyard Fencing

Ideas for enclosing your backyard with a fence

from Landscaping Network

A backyard fence can be different things to different people.  Recall the old addage, “Good fences make good neighbors.”.  Luckily, fences aren’t just a necessary evil to keep your neighbor from stalking you.  Fences can be decorative, and actually add to the overall asethetic of your outdoor living space.  This post from Landscaping Network discusses some of the various options that are available in fencing to enhance your landscape while also accomplishing the utilitarian tasks for which fences are designed.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Privacy Fencing

One of the most common reasons to fence a backyard is to create privacy. A tall solid fence like this one will separate your outdoor spaces from your neighbors. Typically a privacy fence cannot extend past six feet in height, check your local building codes to be sure. Privacy fences are usually built with wood, but are available in vinyl also. Wood allows for more customization such as lattice toppers or attached pergolas for growing vines.

Pool Fencing

If you plan to have a pool installed in your backyard, you’re likely going to need a dedicated pool fence. The purpose of a pool fence is to keep young children safe. Drownings occur yearly in backyards that don’t have proper pool fencing. The best pool fences cannot be scaled by children, making wrought iron a common choice. A pool fence should be at least four feet high and gates should be self-closing.

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