Wondering How Much It Costs To Heat an Inground Swimming Pool?

Wondering How Much It Costs To Heat an Inground Swimming Pool?

How Much Does it Cost to Heat a Pool?

From Pool Pricer

The ongoing costs of owning a swimming pool are sometimes a shock to new pool owners.  Most people when caught up in the euphoria of building their very own backyard paradise lose sight of the fact that the cash outlay doesn’t end when the pool is complete.  Coupled with the costs of maintenance, the utility costs can be overwhelming.  This post from Pool Pricer talks about what to expect when you own a pool in terms of ongoing utility costs, and what you can do to mitigate the damage.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

If you’re planning to crank up the heat on your new swimming pool, you might be in for a nasty surprise when the bill comes due. Pool heaters are great for keeping the water comfortable and extending the swimming season into cooler months, but they can be very expensive to run. How expensive? Perhaps expensive enough to be a big factor in deciding whether to get a pool in the first place.

As with other pool maintenance costs, the final tally for heating depends a lot on where you live and your pool’s setup. But, unlike expenses such as water or chemicals, the difference between the low and high end of the price range is enormous. Whether you pay a little or a lot depends largely on how cold your pool water is at the start, and how warm you want it to be.

How Warm Do You Like It?

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