Landscaping Tips With An Eye Towards Saving Time and Money

Landscaping Tips With An Eye Towards Saving Time and Money

7 Top Landscaping Don’ts

Avoid the time-, money- and maintenance hogs of big landscaping mistakes. Here are 7 must-not-dos of home landscaping.


In any field that requires design, it can be easy to lose sight of the unintended consequences created by the design.  In the interest of beauty, aesthetics, form and function, sometimes the ongoing maintnenance and upkeep of any given space can be sacrificed.  This situation can leave the homeowner holding the bag, as well as a very large maintenance and utility bill.  This post from HGTV presents 7 landscaping don’ts that should be a part of every skilled designer’s repertoire.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Stone Path Walkway
Don’t start landscaping without a plan even if you intend to do the work in stages. A plant-by-plant detailed rendering isn’t necessary, but do know where your hardscaping needs to go, allow room for access by delivery or work vehicles, and, where there’s going to be heavy traffic, put plants in last.

Light Blue House and White Flowered Yard
Don’t plant too much of the same thing. When these trees stop flowering, what will the landscape offer?

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