Aqualung Wetsuit Makes Humans Into Manta Rays

Aqualung Wetsuit Makes Humans Into Manta Rays

Ocean Wings: Aqua Lung Wetsuit Lets You Fly Underwater

From Inhabitat

Let’s face it, humans weren’t meant to be underwater.  Not only can’t we breathe in the water, we are terribly inefficient moving throught the fluid.  Until very recently, the best a human could do to move more like a sea creature would be to attach swim fins, or use some type of motorized device.  This post from Inhabitat presents a new wetsuit that allows humans to feel what it is like to glide through the water like a fish.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Compared to the creatures of the sea, the human body is somewhat inefficient underwater. With our gangly limbs and lack of fins or tails, it takes us a bit more effort to glide through the ocean. Designer Guillaume Binard has partnered with Aqua Lung to created Oceanwings, a wetsuit with neoprene membranes stretching from the arms to legs that give the wearer a sense of flying through the briny deep. Similar to the skydiving wingsuits, the smooth and slow flight experience is meant to morph our bipedal figures to be able to explore realms that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to experience.

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