Interesting Facts About Swimming And Swimming Pools

Interesting Facts About Swimming And Swimming Pools

Fun Swimming Pool Trivia from Shasta Pools

From Shasta Pools Lifestyle Blog

Swimming Pools and Swimming are always interesting subjects to many people.  With any attraction like a swimming pool or the activity of swimming and its many aspects, there are bound to be scintillating facts and legends that are simply too wild to believe.  This blog from Shasta Pools presents some of the most interesting swimming and swimming pool facts that we’ve ever seen.  If you are interested in whether Elephants can swim, which swimming stroke is actually the fastest, and whether most people produce enough saliva to fill three swimming pools, then this blog will tickle your brain.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Next time you’re hanging out with your family and friends by your Shasta pool, test your swimming pool knowledge with some of this fun trivia!

Think you know all there is to know about swimming pools? Then why not put your knowledge to the test? Make up your own point system for the questions below and challenge your friends and family to some swimming pool trivia.

Can Elephants Swim?

If you think that you can out swim an elephant, guess again. Unless you can swim as many asSwimming Pool Trivia | Shasta Pools 20 miles a day, then you may lose in a distance competition against an elephant (after all, they do come equipped with natural snorkels!)

More than Half of Americans Don’t Know How to Swim – True or False?

You might have a mean front stroke, but the vast majority of Americans do not. Though this statistic varies depending on which study you look at, most concur that more than half of Americans have no idea how to swim. So even if you can rock the doggy paddle, you’re doing better than most of your countrymen.

Where did the Bikini get its Name From?

The word bikini pays homage to an American nuclear testing site named Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific (bet you didn’t expect that one!).

Most People Produce Enough Saliva to Fill Three Swimming Pools – True or False?

False – but it’s not so far from being the truth. The average human being produces 25,000 quarts of saliva, which is enough to fill up two whole swimming pools.

How Many Calories do you Burn when you Swim?

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