Amazing Luxury Swimming Pools From Around The World

Amazing Luxury Swimming Pools From Around The World

Deep Blue: Top 9 Outdoor Swimming Pools

From Iceblog

If you are an outdoor living enthusiast, swimmer, or just love looking at amazing examples of architecture, then this post is definitely for you.  Swimming Pools, and the art of watershaping, has made quantum leaps over the last couple of decades.  Some of the examples of the swimming pool artform are bordering on sublime.  This post from Iceblog presents 9 Outdoor Swimming Pools from around the world that clearly emphasize this point.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

After the sad closure of the Victoria Park outdoor swimming pool, which we have written about in our last post, we decided to look for our most favorable outdoor pools. Please find below our top 9 in random order:

Alvaro Siza, Leca
Beautiful seafront pool that makes use of the natural topographical formation. Rocks are embedded into the pool design. On different platforms, you have a stunning view over the Atlantic Ocean. The pool is fed by seawater only. Some pools are so close to the shore that they are a natural wave pool.

Peter Zumtor, Vals
Serene and Zen, the minimal design enhances the peace and tranquility of the pool. Similar to Siza, natural elements and materials play a vital role to the pool and its atmosphere.

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