Looking For A Swimming Pool Maintenance Hack?

Looking For A Swimming Pool Maintenance Hack?

10 DIY Swimming Pool Maintenance Hacks

From Swim University

It seems that everyone is looking for a clever way to take care of mundane tasks that plague us in modern society.  In common parlance, this is known as a hack.  Owning a swimming pool or hot tub places one in the perfect position to utilize hacks to make their lives easier.  This post from Matt Giovanisci presents 10 swimming pool maintenance hacks that are designed to do just that.  DIY enthusiasts, or any pool/hot tub owner can utilize these tips and tricks to save time, and money.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

John walked into his backyard and noticed it was time to skim the pool. A fine layer of pollen, leaves, dead bugs and other forms of debris left quite a mess.

John begrudgingly walked over to his shed to grab his pool skimmer, but to his surprise the skimmer net had been destroyed! The netting was dry-rotted, torn and rendered completely useless.

John was a resourceful man, and he wasn’t about to let this stop him from enjoying a clean pool. His eyes lit up as he starred at the windows on the back of the house.

He walked over to a window on the first floor, removed the screen and cleaned his entire pool with it in under 5 minutes. John never bought another skimmer net, but instead, invested in more window screens.

I’ve put together this list of pool maintenance hacks that you can employ to keep your swimming pool water clean, clear (and warm) and as resourceful as John’s window screen pool skimmer.

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