Hot Tub Tips And Tricks From Swim University

Hot Tub Tips And Tricks From Swim University

The Hot Tub Handbook

From Swim University

Swim University started in 2007 as a means for a pool expert to share his knowledge with the world.  This hot tub handbook is the founder, Matt Giovanisci’s first digital guide, and it is chock full of tips, tricks, hacks, and maintenance guidelines for hot tubs.  As Matt says, this is the last and only hot tub manual you will ever need.  We can vouch for the fact that the information contained therein is very useful, accurate, and helpful.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

Save Money On Chemicals
Lean Hot Tub Chemistry
I get the same questions over and over again. Why can’t I keep a chlorine reading? How much shock and chlorine or bromine should I put in? Why is the pH always high or low?.

Hot Tub chemistry can be very simple as long as you understand the fundamentals. The hard part is tuning out the noise. Every hot tub professional has a different approach to water chemistry.

In this guide, I explain what chemicals you need and which ones you don’t. I included chemical dosing charts so you’ll always know how much to add without second guessing.

The Lean Hot Tub Chemistry Philosophy says to only add the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean and clear, and nothing more. This section alone will save you hundreds of dollars a year from buying chemicals you simply don’t need.

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