Infinity Pool Designs From Around The World

Infinity Pool Designs From Around The World

Top pick: incredible swimming pools with spectacular vistas

From Hello Magazine

Whether you know them as infinity, infinity edge, vanishing edge, negative edge, or endless pools; the swimming pool with the edge that seems to make the water drop off a cliff is truly an amazing achievement.  These artistic expressions utilizing the swimming pool as the medium have made the watershaper’s art one of the most sought after crafts for backyard projects and outdoor living.  This post from Hello Magazine presents pictures of some of the most amazing examples of this artistic expression from around the world.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

As the summer gradually draws to a cool close, HELLO! Online has sought out some of the world’s most beautiful swimming pools to keep those post-summer blues away.

Infinity pools with a view – from domes to the world’s best beaches, from the most spectacular city skylines to absolute tranquility lined with palm trees – we have a must-visit list that includes The Maldives, Malaysia, Brazil, Thailand and Turkey…

1. Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay in Bodrum, Turkey

Take in this unique vista by day and night at the luxury Kempinski Hotel, where the pool’s crystal clear waters merge seamlessly into the deep blue Aegean sea.

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