Natural Swimming Pools are Unique, But Are They For You?

Natural Swimming Pools are Unique, But Are They For You?

Natural Swimming Pools Are Making a Ripple, But Are They For You?

From The Allstate Blog

Originating in Europe, the natural swimming pool, or swimming pond, has slowly made its way across the large pond to the United States.  The concept is that the natural swimming pool mimics mother nature in its filtration methods, and allows a swimming experience much like swimming in a natural pond or lake.  The additional aesthetic benefit is that the natural swimming pool looks as though it has always been in place, avoiding the look of man’s intervention.  The natural pool has cons as well as pros, according to this post from The Allstate Blog, and one must be aware what they are getting themselves into when entertaining such an amenity.

Here is an excerpt from the post:

When it comes to backyard swimming pools, that classic rectangular design with a deck, diving board or slide, and metal steps still holds appeal.

But natural pools that resemble swimming holes or ponds have gained increasing interest in recent years, according to landscape design professionals who have been turning out versions that mimic what Mother Nature fashions on her own: Interiors painted so water appears natural, clusters of rocks, waterfalls spilling over outcroppings, a diving boulder, water-loving plants, and water filtration systems that keep water healthy for the environment, and for people’s hair, skin, and swimsuits.

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